Ok, I messed up my Treo by flashing a cooked ROM on it. I went through the whole unlocking process using Cheetah unlocker. I flashed it with a cooked Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM. It was actually pretty nice. It was only the OS and the official spl and radio were still on the phone. A newer version of this cooked ROM came out which included a different radio. When I went to flash it, the phone rebooted and now it freezes in the OS splash screen.
I searched everywhere looking for a solution, I have tried mtty, with no success. I have concluded that I corrupted the radio bootloader. I know it is a corrupted radio bootloader because when I do a checkimage command with mtty, I get a timeout error and it just returns 0x0 for the radio.
I have tried reflashing using the SDCard with Norman 2.25 but the radio isn't getting overwritten. It goes through the whole flash process and every thing seems to checkout fine. But the phone still freezes when the OS splash screen pops up.
I have tried using mtty commands "task 2a" , "task 28 55aa" and "erase" but nothing happens, I don't get a command error, it just enters the command and nothing happens. I assume it is because I don't have security clearance to use those commands. I found a generic password that appears to work but still, nothing happens.
So is there anybody out there that knows a way to either force a rewrite of the radio, or trick the Treo into allowing the DOC to be reformatted using mtty task 2a command or erase?