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    Howdy all,
    My wife's 750 hung on the Logo like mentioned in one of the threads here.
    I followed the process to find and download a firmware package and used the SD Card method to program her phone.

    I used the "Updater 2.27 (Windows Installer) for Treo 750 for Rogers" package found on the Palm website. There was no other version or non-Rogers version.

    Although the firmware fixed the phone, it is not like it was before and has this "Rogers" tab of which tries to call someone when we press it.

    Does anyone have the latest firmware for a Palm Treo 750 ATT or know what I should be using?

    Please note: I did not hard-Reset the phone after the update due to my wife not having backed up her data. Once she backs it up, I will try that to see if it fixes her problems.

    I have also downloaded "Treo750_2_27_ROW_EN_DesktopUpdater.exe" found in another thread on these boards (although it was called RWE).

    I haven't tried updating to this code because it seems it is talked about by people who have unlocked their phone, of which I don't need to do.

    Thanks in advance, and for reading this thread.
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    I was able to get the SDUpdater, but the DesktopUpdater (zipped) file claimed to have a password needed to unzip it.

    As I am using the SD method it isn't critical, just FYI.

    Thanks for the file.

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