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    I want to take all my contacts off of my phone so they are backed up and also so I cant import them into Google contacts.

    I have had no luck finding a program to do this.

    Does anybody have any suggestions?

    It appears I need either CSV or vCard file.
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    You can look at CompanionLink for Google (Sync Palm Desktop, Microsoft Outlook, ACT!, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, and GoldMine with Google and your phone | CompanionLink) which I currently use, or you can set up your phone to sync directly with Google and export contacts to a file from there. Here is the website/instructions for that - Google Sync for your mobile phone.
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    Outlook backs them up very easy to a CSV. There are apps who will sync them Google like Oggsync. Other backup ways for free are PIMbackup (which i love), and Microsoft's Myphone. I have never used Nuevasync but I hear it does a great job and its free to do that.
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    I used PIM backup this week to backup my contacts before a hard reset and it worked really well.

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