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    Sorry guys, I could not get anything from google. Oddly my pro will not let me lock the phone by holding the red button I can not find a setting anywhere does anyone have some info
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    I had a thread about this, maybe a week or two ago? I accidentally pressed the power button on top of my phone, and then manual keyguard stopped working. I couldn't get it to hard reset, either.

    I took it in to a Sprint service center. They said they did a hard reset, and now keyguard works again.
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    have to no clue why it did that, I don't think I used the top power button. But it happened when I was trying something with in Home 2. But here is something odd it started working agian after I recalibrated my screen I dunno odd
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    that is strange
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    Mine did the same thing last week. I also couldn't find a setting to change it back. I ended up having to complete a Sprite Restore from a couple of days prior to problem to get the Red Button to lock my phone again. It was weird because the first couple of restores didn't fix the problem when I know the Red Button issue just popped up.

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