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    I got a refurb phone today after the touchscreen on my previous pro stopped working due to my own fault. The refurb I received has a very weak vibration for incoming calls and for other notifications. Does anyone know a fix for this? Or should I take it back and get another one?
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    Anyone know a possible RegEdit tweak that I could do to increase vibration strength? That would really be helpful. I don't want to have to run back to sprint again. My last phone was like a jack hammer, which I liked. This one is so quiet to the point that I don't even hear or feel it vibrate when it's beside me!!!
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    I got a refurb from Sprint and when mine vibrates on my work desk, the people on the other side of the office can hear it, its like a bomb went off. I think if I was you I would call Sprint back and get another one.
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    Good call. I did exactly that. They are sending me a new unit by Wed. The low vibration was too unusable.

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