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    a couple days ago my VZW 700wx was giving me the message that my storage space was becoming critically low. i deleted a few .cab files and put it away. i was also outside of available coverage range while this was occurring.

    about an hour after that took place, i looked at the time on my phone and noticed my battery power was declining so i tried to shut it off. this is when the fun started.

    it wouldn't power off. i received several application crash errors (google maps, youtube app, etc). so, i figured it would be good to remove/replace the battery. at this point the Treo followed by WinMo 6 splash screen appeared and it just stayed there. i was preoccupied so back in the pocket it went and i got back on the road.

    further down the road when i was back within cell coverage, i picked up the phone and the WinMo splash screen was still up. so, i once again removed/replaced the battery. and the phone came up. as if it had been hard reset.

    this, of course, is a giant PITA, as i had several items that had not been backed up.

    here's the odd thing: my available storage is still critically low. i haven't done anything to the phone since the crash/reset except change a few user preferences. could it be that it wasn't a full crash or reset? has anyone seen this before? is there a possibility that i can retrieve the items i want to keep? if so, how?

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    a few other observations...

    * emails, contacts, calendar were not wiped out but ActiveSync settings were.
    * MMS messages were not wiped out.

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