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    So I don't know if anyone else has experienced this problem, but if I turn my ringer switch to the off position (silence/vibrate mode), sometimes it will cause the phone to continue vibrating until I reset the device.

    I just had the phone for a few days, and as of yesterday this has happened to me a few times.

    Maybe it was something I installed or something that I changed in one of the settings.... Hopefully someone has some insight on this problem.
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    Anyone? It seems that the phone goes silent first then if I try to turn the ringer switch to the silent portion, then the constant vibration happens.

    I had an incoming call today that was silent and continually vibrated...
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    I've had my device for about a week now, and have not yet experienced this (nor on the other winmo devices i've used), and haven't heard of it either. Did you install anything around the time the issue cropped up?
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    This very same thing happened to me this morning. No kidding!

    Unfortunately I could not tell what caused the eternal vibration... I had to soft reset. I was going to check if someone else in the forums had the same experience and look at that... we have the same problem but apparently the solution is not what we wanted to hear
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    I was in walmart yesterday and i was texting with my wife and i turned it to vibrate, the very next message vibrated until I had to reset the device. Was very very weird.
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    so its not just me that is having this problem.

    tonight I will post up what progeams/fixes I have instaLed ad sE if any of ours match and can be a possible culprit.

    by the way is anyone having problems logging in onto TC via PIE? I had to use skyfire to log in here.

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