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    does anybody's Sprint TP reset/reboot randomly? sometimes it could be in my pocket and it would just reset. sometimes it'll just lay there on my desk and it'll reset. it doesnt happen a lot and i cant seem to find out what is causing it to do that.

    also my screen turns off and the keyboard lights up. i cant turn on the screen with the power button or the red button. but when i get a phone call, it rings and im able to pick up with the green button but the screen doesnt turn on. it happens very intermittent.

    both of these issues happen at least everyday. i dont even have programs running, i only use ultimate launch as my today plugin.

    anyone else experience this?
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    My Pro only resets when I tell it to or when I yank the battery. One thing to try is to make sure your batter cover is on firmly to prevent the battery from possibly shifting.
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    i am sure that the battery cover is firm because i have the seidio case on. the battery case shouldnt be shifting anywhere.

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