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    We all know what they say about opinions is.

    I have a quick question about a upgrade i am thinking about.
    I own a HTC Vogue from Alltel, with a custom Windows 6.5 rom on it. I really don't have any problems with my Vogue, except this is my second one, First one locked up on me after 7 months. Now this one was starting to do this, untill i upgraded the rom.

    I am getting ready to upgrade services and i was wanting to get a Pro and was wondering if anyone else has Vogue and a Palm Pro.
    Am i going to be disappointed or am i going to be happy if i get the Pro.
    I have all the reviews i can on it. What i have read i think i will. Would just like to get a few other opinions before i take a leap on a new phone.

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    So long as you understand there are no custom ROMs for the Treo Pro yet, you should be OK. There has been one attempt at a WM 6.5 customized ROM, but it didn't work out. There is hope for more, but none have surfaced as of yet.

    Stock HTC Vogue versus stock Treo Pro, I think the Treo Pro wins hands down. Not that I've owned either, but spec wise.

    With the Treo Pro, it's a newer and just technically superior device. With the HTC Vogue, it probably has a larger 3rd party development community with custom ROMs and such.
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    I've had an Alltel Touch Vogue for the past year, and I just made the switch to the Treo Pro this week. I never had any problems with my Vogue, and I loved all of the custom ROMs and changes I was able to make to it. But two major things were grating on me with it - no physical keyboard and no WiFi.

    I decided to switch to the Treo Pro rather than the Touch Pro for several reasons, but one of the main ones being that I wanted the ability to type on the physical keyboard easily with one hand (something that isn't easy with the Touch Pro). So far, in the few days that I've had the Treo Pro, it's been far and away better than the Vogue in every respect, except of course custom ROMs. I've been able to track down a lot of great programs and tweaks for the Treo Pro, but the wealth of options that the Vogue has are not available for the Treo Pro.

    So, if cooked ROMs are extremely important to you, then you might want to consider something else if you're looking to switch in the near future. If ROMs are something you could let slide, then I wouldn't hesitate to the pick up the Treo Pro. I really liked the ROMs, tweaks, and hacks that were available on the Vogue, but the overall performance and additional features of the Treo Pro more than make up for that as far as I'm concerned.
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    As far as cooked roms i am perfectly fine not having one. In the past i had the q9c and the blackberry pearl. and one thing i miss between those phones was the hardware buttons. But after using my old q9c while i got my replacement vogue was a crippling effect to me, i liked the touch screen for certain things and hardware keys for others. I have tried the touch pro and i like the big touch screen, but i am not fond of the slide out keyboard.

    I like the fact that when you get a new phone you have to learn lots of new things, and that is why i change phones about every 6 months to a year.

    Browsing the forum earlier i read lots of posts, mainly tweaks and problem software and general issues with the pro. So far none of the threads i read have dampened my opinion of the pro in any way. I'm still in the process of deciding but it is definitely leading to the pro side.

    Thanks for the feedback... keep them coming.

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