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    Are all micro USB chargers the same? Can I charge the Treo Pro with the micro USB chargers of other phones (e.g. Nokia)?
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    You have to make sure the charger can provide a high-output current. Certain chargers are clearly labeled as such. Another way to know if the charger is capable of the high current is to check if the data pins in the charger are shorted (two central pins in the 4 pin USB connector).

    The problem lies in the fact the Pro requires the high current mode that is only available through the PC via software or via high power chargers. Not all USB powered devices need this high current mode so that's why certain chargers will simply not work as they only provide a maximum current of max 500mA, when the Pro requires at least that.
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    Look for 700mA or higher. The stock wall charger puts out 1000mA.

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