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    I want to give my refurbished/never used 700WX to a friend of mine, but he doesn't want to pay for or use a data plan (can't really afford it and doesn't need it- he only wants the PDA functions and cell phone, nothing else). I chatted with a VZW rep a little while ago that said you have to pay for a data plan. Any way to get around this? Thanks!

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    Verizon requires either the "unlimited data plan" or the "email and web for smartphone".

    The data plan doesn't offer much difference besides turning your treo into a blackberry that pushes the email to you and offers over the air sync.

    The email and web offers unlimited data and email and is what I use. I just got my phone on Saturday and so far there are no extra charges. Phone was also used from my friend. The plan is $29.99/month, plus voice plan.

    Unfortunately, VZW changed their service so that you cannot use a smartphone without choosing one of the plans above.
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    Tell your freind to try Page Plus Cellular for prepaid service over the Verizon network. Any Verizon phone can be activated on PagePlus and there is no data plan charge. Go to their website
    for details. I use it and I am happy. Other than as a customer, I am not affiliated with PagePlus.
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    Tell them you want pay as you go data plan. Then make sure your data settings are NOT set up to connect to the data side. Pay as you go services are expensive when you use them and the 700wx isnt very good at telling you when it is connected to data. I have a TELUS 700wx on verizon that used to automatically set up its data plan all the time untill I flashed it to 6.1 thanks RAVEN.
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    my wife has a 700w without a data plan on VZW. i guess it's different with the wx.
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    don't let verizon bull**it you...u only need the data plan for internet...they even told me that to get mms i had to have it...i believed it for 2 years about that...what verizon tech said they can unblock the mms on the plan..just don't connect it to the internet..btw i have unlimited texting on my plan..also for future reference he said any phone bought after nov 2008 has to be requied the 30 data charge an all blackberry and smartphones
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