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    For the past 2 months Ive gotten 411 calls charged to my bill.Obviously a mistake as they were 20-30 minute calls .Who calls 411 for 30 minutes?
    Supposedly the charges have been removed (after a second attempt.)But they have no way of preventing future errors.
    So each month I will have to dispute new charges.
    I asked them to report to their tech department a glitch.
    But they tell me Im the only one with this glitch.
    So far Ive had 2 bills with false charges and they tell me theres more on the next bill.
    Anyone else have this Sprint billing error?
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    Curious - do any of your programs make use of 411 dial outs to get information?

    What phone is it and when this started to happen did you install any 3rd party applications?
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    Im using an 800w for the past year.
    The only programs Ive added are Memaid and Skyfire.
    Ive never dialed 411.
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    For additional help, contact your state's public utilities commission or similar body or the FCC. You can contact the FCC for these types of issues at
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    Thanks for the responses.

    When I enabled speed dial for my girlfriends #, it also enabled speed dial for voicemail and 411.
    So my guess is that the 411 button must have been getting hit by accident.
    MY bad.I just completely removed speed dial from my screen .
    Im lucky Sprint didnt charge me.

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