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    I'm a relatively new Treo Pro user and am new to this forum. I've downloaded a program that lets me remap my today screen softkeys and for the life of me cannot find the phonedialer within the windows folder (I want to set it to my right softkey). I haven't been able to find any .exe files named phone, dialer, or phonedialer and am rather at a loss. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Second that. The phonedialer.exe file is nowhere to be found in my GSM Treo Pro. There is the cprog.exe in /WINDOWS/ directory which if executed invokes [Call History] on the screen. However I am more interested in the file (possibly the phonedialer.exe) that invokes the [Keypad] soft key that shows up only after the [Call History] has been called in.

    I'd like to remap the left green hard button to [Keypad] instead of [Call History].

    Does anyone have any idea what triggers the [Keypad] function?

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