I inherited my dad's Treo 750 after he upgraded to the Treo Pro. I'm not purchasing a data plan and plan to use the phone primarily as a calendar. It would be convienant if I could write emails while I'm away from a computer and have these send once I sync my treo. I have a work email exchange address and gmail. Both accounts are configured in outlook to the exchange folder (one inbox folder). From outlook on my laptop I have a drop down menu where I can select which account to send from. From the treo I only have the option of "Outlook Email". It seems whichever account is set as default in outlook on my pc is the address emails the treo send from. Is there any way to set this up where I can select the account from my treo? Right now I'm able to receive emails from both accounts on the treo but can only send from the default.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice!!!

PS - I know I should really have a data plan to take advantage of all the features of a treo. As a broke college student I have to make some priorities, though!