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    I started with the flip Treo (100?) and then moved up and up and up until the 650 when I jumped off the smartphone wagon for about 3 years.

    Now I'm back with a Treo Pro and I have what is probably the silliest question. It's been bugging me since I got the phone.

    Why WiFi?

    I can make it work just fine. I just don't understand why I want it/need it/or what use I would have for it. Web pages don't seem to load any faster than without it. Is some application using it that I'm not aware of?

    What do I do with it? I'm just curious.
    susan dennis
    seattle, WA
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    it works great for me when im on the pooper at home. i get pretty bad signal at my house, but at least wifi can entertain me with webpages, beejive, and youtube.
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    ahhhh so you can use it when maybe you can't get a signal... very excellent and i hadn't thought of that. so far i haven't had the phone out of the range of a single.

    thank you!
    susan dennis
    seattle, WA
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    Sometimes in my house I can't get a data connection but I can through wifi. The downside is that it uses more battery.
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    I did not even consider that scenario. And good to know about the battery drain. That one wouldn't have occurred to me either.

    susan dennis
    seattle, WA
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    I use WiFi as much as I can when overseas, so then I don't have to worry about going over my allocated 20 megs of data roaming.

    International airports and most hotel have free WiFi too.

    I also use WiFi from home, the speeds are faster for me with WiFi than over 3G.
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    Interesting. Thank you! This is all just the perfect info!
    susan dennis
    seattle, WA
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    The absolute biggest use for wifi would have to be WMwifirouter!!! Can the iphone tether or be used as a router? I don't think so.

    Another great use is skype over wifi when you're abroad to make free or cheap phone calls.
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    I use wifi with resco to share files on my network.
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    I use WiFi to login to my business LAN (proprietary applications) and make use of the network DB's for point of service operations (healthcare related); those DB's are not internet shared.
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    When I catch the train at Union Station in Chicago, I can board the underground train early, and connect to WiFi and read the news.
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    Also for the unlocked gsm version you could drop the 3g data connection entirely.Use wifi for data if it's easily accessible and save $15-30/mo.
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    All great points- another one is being able to turn the cellular radio off (presumably at night) and not worry about texts and calls coming in but being able to maintain data connectivity.

    I also use it when I can to stream sirius radio to avoid going over the "unlimited" threshold which if you use enough data could be hit. (sprint is 5gb)
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    I'd prefer to tether using Bluetooth DUN for lower power consumption, but my Pavilion dv2000 doesn't have integrated BT, and I've never been able to find a dongle that works consistently. So I use WMWiFiRouter when USB tethering is inconvenient.
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    Wifi uses sound great. Is is a manual process to switch between each wifi source (e.g. between different parts of a large building, or down to the coffee shop in the basement), or once you have identified "favorite" networks, does it transition automatically?

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