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    I was playing with a friend's TP today and sent a SMS to one of the contacts. In SMS app, while I was typing the name of the contact, NO drop down list appeared with matched contact listing as it does on my Treo 750. So I typed the name completely and sent the SMS, and it got sent to the right contact. Ofcourse, there was a way to go to menus and add recipient. I dont own a TP and specific one I played with was from Sprint. Since adding contacts by typing names in the "to" field makes sending SMS so much easy on my Treo 750, I was assuming TP should also have it. Does TP have this feature or this needs to be enabled in settings?
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    I never had to "enable" anything.... it has always "just worked."

    If it helps, to me it seems the function to look up names is tied to the general contact search function. It works, nothing special about it though... far as I know.
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    is it GSM? and is your phone list on the SIM?
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    I think almost any smartphone will allow you to just begin typing the person's name to send an SMS/MMS
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    When you start typing a name, if it is on the contact DB, it will open a drop-down menu from which to choose the appropriate recepient.

    If you want (need) to add multiple recipients, just type the name after the ";" and the drop-down menu appears again for each additional recipient you need to add - as long as is on the contact DB.
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