Yes, I have to handle it with care because it's the wife's. And I hate those complaints if things go worse after an upgrade/downgrade.

The reason why I'm considering the upgrade is because I installed SPB Mobile Shell 3.0.1 and although it makes things real nice and easy, it constantly "vanishes" .. or closes. I have to hit the Windows button to bring it back (and lately that doesn't work either saying error in shortcut), or go to programs and hit "SPB Mobile Shell".

Not just this, but from SPB if she checks the email or sms text messages by clicking on SPB's widget, it opens the text messaging and when she's done with it, and closes it, instead of returning to SPB Home.. it goes back to the Today screen. It happens randomly too, without involving SPB.

Also, the storage memory is always in a joint. Currently, it's at 5.7MB free storage memory, and 32.93MB free program memory. I don't like those numbers. Essentially, she would wants these aspects of the phone:

  • Phone
  • Internet browsing
  • SPB MS showing appointments
  • Notes/Tasks (that SPB offers no way of showing on the main screen)
  • GMail

If all of these are available, zippy and doesn't cause drama. I'd love it.
My questions now are:

  • What ROM would be good for it? (Please keep in mind it's a TELUS phone)
  • Should I do the WM6 or WM6.1 ROMs?
  • With each ROM suggested, what problems can I expect, and are there any fixes?
  • Please understand, this is my wife's phone so we _must_ proceed with caution. If something goes wrong, I promise you will never see me posting anywhere again.

Thank you very much!