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    Ok, this is weird. The camera app thinks there's only room for 3 pictures on my sd card (i have 4 gb's free anyway) which is weird. File explorer and Resco explorer read it properly and report the correct free space.

    Removing and re-inserting plus soft-resetting doesn't seem to change anything as per the camera app. There's nothing wrong with the card format-wise and so forth. Every other app see's it fine. Weird thing is the camera app has read it fine up until today.
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    I am no expert but if I were in your shoes I would try backing up card's content and reformatting it, before trying a hard-reset.
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    Well everything seems fine now. Just weird is all. Didn't do anything specific, just took some time to uninstall some apps i felt i don't use, and rebooted like normal. That seemed to do it. SOLVED i guess.
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