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    what are the data settings, and mms settings.. has any1 tried it?
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    I'm seen some CDMA Treo Pros flahsed to MetroPCS, but I don't know what the settings are. For all I know they are not flashed in that sense, but its like a RAM, not a ROM setting that it's performed, so if you do a 'hard reset' you'll have to go back to the place where you got it done in the first place.
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    Just google: flash phone to metro pcs

    All the functions may not work after you do it.
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    I've also googled it, but can't get a definitive answer. Does anybody have a confirmed success story of converting Treo Pro from Sprint to Metro PCS? I have a Treo Pro, and want to switch to Metro PCS, but don't wan tto drop $300 for a BBerry! But I also don't want to brick my Treo Pro by irreversably flashing it either!

    Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

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