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    I have a Treo 750 and since it was my first smart phone, I loved it except for its build quality. Since I like Palm and qwerty keyboards, I am considering GSM Treo Pro as my next phone. Please help me understand what kind of experience am in for if I decide to go with it.
    What can I expect from Treo Pro coming from Treo 750? Looks wise, Treo Pro is way ahead of Treo 750, but how big is the difference performance wise? Is it noticeably faster? Any better in boot-up times, or playing media, or loading apps faster, taking pictures better? Hows battery life in comparison? hows screen in sun?

    My two major concerns are:
    a) when treo pro was released, not very many 320x320 apps/games were available. Black bar used to cover some part of the screen if you tried to install 240x320 apps. Whats the apps/games availability like now for 320x320 screens? Do we have most apps compatible with square screen of Treo Pro?
    b) My biggest complaint with my Treo 750 is its build quality. After a year of its purchase, it polish from edges started coming off, screen started becoming less responsive, and worst of all, buttons now take hard push to be recognized and d-pad is esp. gone,, If you have used Treo Pro for a year now, how is the hardware esp. buttons holding up after much use?
    Cingular Treo 750||ATT WM6 ROM||AT&T Blue SIM||1GB SanDisk Card||
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    The Treo Pro is the best way you can go for an upgrade from a Previous Treo 750 user (me).

    (a): With my Treo Pro, I have a 320*320 display. I have now GPS (which I use a lot with google maps), I have wi-fi (use it at starbucks and home fore downloading huge files), I also benefit from the Treo Pro's form factor (very small, but powerful device).

    (b): I have at&t, just took out my SIM card from my older Treo 750 and put it inside my Treo Pro back in December of 2008. The device could last a lot in reference to 'wear & tear', the glossy material that it is made of, doesn't peel off easy and the rocker buttom (D-pad), until this day has not grave out. Mine looks like as If I bought it yesterday, so I could say it has a superior 'build quality' then the Treo 750 GSM.

    About games (a), I'm not really much into games, but the programs I have installed so far work fine with a 320*320 display resolution: Resco Explorer, Resco Picture Viewer, Handy Safe, IM+, Facebook mobile, Youtube Mobile, Phatnotes for Outlook, Treo Alerts, Palm Messaging appl hacked by Hannip on this forum and Opera Browser, all these applications work like a charm on my Treo Pro and they respond very fast, snappy.

    Hope my opinion motivates you to get your Treo Pro GSM/3G ok.
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