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    Hey all, I have a Treo Pro w/ Sprint and ran into a couple problems, i tried searching, but I didn't find any solutions

    1) Where are the cab files downloaded to? I'd like to delete some of the larger files.

    2) My internet explorer's address bar types EXTREMELY slow, how can i fix this?

    Thanks in advance!!
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    1) CAB files (or any files you download for that matter) are downloaded wherever you tell them to be downloaded. If you don't select a place, then it's a temp folder. You can always do a device search for files larger than 64KB as well.

    2) This is a bug in IE6. There is a CAB file that can toggle between IE6 and PIE (the previous version). PIE doesn't have that typing lagging, however it also doesn't have flash support like IE6, so you can toggle back and forth between the two. Do a forum search for IE Toggle to find the CAB.
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    Usually they defauly to somewhere in the My Document folder on your Device if you don't get prompted to save it to your location of choice.

    If you do a file open it goes in a temp place that gets deleted after you close the app you are using to run view the program.

    At least in my experience. I usually change all the temp IE folders to the storage card using MemMaid so I don't really worry about space

    The slowness however I just deal with.
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    Thanks a million guys! Do we know if there will be any updates to IE to fix the prob?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gyup View Post
    Thanks a million guys! Do we know if there will be any updates to IE to fix the prob?
    Not sure if there will be. However, if you use Cody's IE Toggle .cab, you can easily switch between IE6 and PIE. I like IE6 except for the slow typing in the address bar. PIE doesn't have the typing lag in the address bar.

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