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    I am having an issue on my Sprint Treo Pro, which I think may be caused by RealVGA.
    When I have a missed call and click the view button, or use the call history option from the phone screen, the call history screen opens for a second, and then disappears.
    It still says Phone on the top, but it shows the today screen.
    If I try it again, sometimes it will work.
    Does anybody have any ideas/solutions?
    Also, I edited the registry to get it to display the full date and time on top of the screen.
    When the screensaver comes on, it shows the date in the wrong format, like 72/.
    Is there any way to fix that without messing up the display on the top bar?
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    I also have the call history screen issue.. I think it has something to do with the old palm 800w lookup that I added..
    Sprint Palm Treo Pro
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    I have this call history problem too and it is VERY annoying.

    I don't have the 800w lookup added, but I do have the 800w sms program.
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    I have call history issue to and it is annoying.

    IIRC, the GSM version has the same bug.
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    Is that caused by any program I may have installed, like RealVGA?
    Can someone without RealVGA check this?
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    yeah, this is really annoying
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    i have the same issue. no realvga installed on my device.

    it opens for a sec, then shows today screen, but if you press any arrow key, it will show up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    IIRC, the GSM version has the same bug.
    Yes, it certainly does & I do not have Real VGA or 800 SMS installed. It doesn't do it all the time just a small percentage of time. I haven't checked to see if there is a corelation to what programs I have open when this happens.
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    do you guys have S2u2?
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    i have the sms program, but not real vga

    It also does not happen every time here.
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    Lol thought it wasonly mine. From the call screen if I select call history, the history will flash and then immediately go to the history of the last number called. It is very annoying and most of the time I want to scroll through the history to select another number.

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