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    My laptop PC crashed and I had to re-install everything again. I sync with my corp. MS exchange but after re-install of Active Sync and resync, now all my contacts are duplicated with categories in a mess.

    I am willing to do a clean up on my exchange account but how do I mass delete all the contacts on my Treo 750 so it will sync correctly?

    What should I have done so that the duplication could have avoided?
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    Anyway, I found my answer. I copied the pim.vol to the SD card as backup and then deleted the one on the 750. That cleared all the PIM entries on my 750.

    I cleaned up the dupes from my MS Exchange account (manually), as I want to see for myself the real differences. It turned out that all the good ones for me had categories and the dupes do not. So that made it easier for me to clean up exchange.

    Sync back with out any further issues.

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