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    I searched and didn't see any threads on this yet.

    My 1.04 STP will show erratic battery readings. For example, it may show 0% after charging for a long time, even after soft resets, but then eventually it will suddenly read 100% again. I've also watched it drain slowly while on the charger, and eventually decide it's fully charged instead.

    Anyone having a similar experience?
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    Mine got stuck on 0% once. A complete discharge and fully recharge using the charger instead of USB fixed it for me.

    If that doesn't help there might be a battery problem.
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    mine did that too. but im also using quickmenu's battery percentage which is way more accurate. that battery bar is useless. it display inaccurate info.
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    Hmmm, mine just did this today...battery was at 57% then suddenly showed 0% and shut off. Then i plugged it in to the wall charger and it cut back on and it showed 57%. I thought that was very wierd but hopefully it wont happen again.
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    I am having the same proble with the battery indicator. This is a bug. I hope the fix it. Very annoying.
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    Never noticed a problem with mine. I'll have to pay closer attention, but then again I usually charge all night and have it connect 8-5 at work on PC so never dip below 50-60% from what I've seen.

    I've heard of problems with non-OEM charges and cables resulting in not charging correctly. Are you all using the OEM charger/cable or an ebay special?

    Sprint has a Batter tester at some Corporate Repair Centers. To bad they don't make a Treo Pro on US Cellular. They have full charge battery swap program in store based on the latest radio and promo's ads I've seen.
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    Yes, im using the official palm charger. Now today i was charging the phone and it was at 27% and it jumped to 100% within a 5 minute time frame, I don't know whats up with it.
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    Experienced this today for the first time, I soft reset the device and it then showed 100% charge from 0%.

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