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    Hey guys, im new to the Palm line, just got my Treo Pro a few days ago, got a question or two for the experts.

    Everytime I try to check for updates for the OS using the phone, it cannot connect to server. So I have no idea if 6.1 has any updates.

    I guess I should ask tho, do they update Mobile windows like they do with normal PC windows? With the security updates, and browser updates and such.

    Also, is 6.5 out? I thought I heard it was May 11, but im not sure.

    Thanks guys.
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    There is no WM6.1 update that I know of, what you are trying to do is get that quazy looking desktop like windows update on your WM Treo Pro by clicking: settings ==> system ==> windows update. I always have mine to check automatic, but have not gotten any update since I bought my phone or is it that they don't realize that even if there was an update to WM6.5, it would require a destop PC to download the .exe file that will delete/replace a new ROM on the device and this can only be done via a destop PC either using the microUSB or microSD card method on the Treo Pro.
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