On the first weekend I had the pro I tried out Sprint Navigation. I had it plugged into my car charger the entire time and the red LED was lit. It killed the battery, anyway. The 12v adapter is rated at 800ma but the battery died? How much does this thing eat, anyway?

On the topic of Sprint Navigation, I was able to upgrade from my 700p and not have to buy the Pro Data pack. I saved $15/month but GPS is not included in my current data pack. No problem because I can still use it for $3/day. As I rarely will, that's far cheaper than $15/mo.

What this gets me to is a question as to whether anyone has remapped the menu soft button in Contacts for the map and business search options. They open Sprint Navigation, directly. I'm guessing that's set in the registry and could be redirected to Google or Live Search. Has anyone done that?