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    I actually find it intruiging the the Pro will switch back and forth btwn 1x and Ev depending on what you're doing. Notice, if you send a text, it changes for a split sec to 1x (and I go to 5 bars) and when done it will switch back to Ev which is usually 2 - 3 bars.
    That's logical. When you're using voice or text, it's using one of the channels. The other (1x) channel is still open (or somehow available to the system). That's why you can get a ring when you're browsing. If you browse with a non-EVDO device or in an area without EVDO coverage, new callers go straight to voice mail without notice to you.
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    I wouldn't worry about the bars too much. At least on my GTP, they don't reflect the actual signal strength that closely.
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    This has to do with the chipset on the phone and the software interpretation of that. The signal is there, it just doesn't show it properly on the signal indicator.
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    seems like the indicators on this phone isnt so accurate (same with battery).
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    Outside of the innacurate meters, I've actually dropped quite a few calls in places my Centro didn't have a problem. Very similar to my experience with the Pre.
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