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    Windows Mobile 6.1

    I was texting last night and I tried to send a long text, and the text would not go thru. after awhile of being frozen it gave a "we're sorry" error message for the messaging application. I have it set up so I can send longer messages than normal and never had a problem sending long texts before last night. I have tried a soft reset (removed battery), tried to clean it with PM Clean, tried a reset with the Reset PPC utility, and tried to end all tasks. it seems I am able to receive texts ok, but I cannot reply or send new ones. any other ideas without going through a hard reset?

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    Try to restore from a backup. Hopefully you do daily backups.
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    unfortunately I have never done a backup of this phone.

    is there a .pab for the contacts list, similar to the .pab file on a Windows computer for Outlook? I dont have a problem hard resetting my phone except for the contacts.
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    have you tried deleting the PalmMsgV001 file? when I have difficulty with texts, this usually helps me. It will delete all your text, so if it's important to keep them, I think you can back them up in Sprite or Dashwire or something. HTH
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    Do you sync your phone with Outlook? If so, then you can restore your contacts/calendar via AS after a hard reset. Another option is to perform a Sprite backup and only select your personal databases to back up. You can restore them after a hard reset.
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    when i had this happen the palmmsgv001 file was corrupt. i deleted it and was able to send texts fine. it's in the /windows folder i believe on your palm.

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