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    Not sure what to do here.

    I have a trea 750 that is not quite two years old. I've never had any major problem with it until now.

    Lately the unit has been freezing.
    1. Now when sending a text message, on occasion the text will remain on the screen after I send
    2. When I am in text mode and/or a call comes in, the unit freezes, so I can't answer. The touchscreen or keys are unresponsive.
    3. When not in use for a while, the unit takes time to "wake up" or switch between programs after I input my password.

    I dont have any large files on the unit, with the exception of three ring tones. I regularly clear files, cookies, cache.

    I'm wondering if I should do a hard reset and then resych from the Mac to the Treo? I know if I do a hard reset, it will return the phone to factory settings. I use a mac, entourage and missing synch for windows mobile. If I perform a this hard reset will windows mobile 6 come back to the unit?

    I'm totally stumped as I love my treo and I know it's probably time to upgrade but I'm not fond of the pre or blackberry's.

    I'm stumped.
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    Reading your post, did you do a soft reset?
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    Quote Originally Posted by roadcarver View Post
    Reading your post, did you do a soft reset?
    Yes of course. lol
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    What apps do you have installed ie. any replacement shells for your today screen etc? Any 3rd party ringtone handlers?
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    How do you clear the cookies & cache? I'm having problems w/ my Treo 750 as well. What's the diff. in a soft vs. hard reset, I'm assuming soft is when you turn off & take your battery out, then restart?
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    3 types of reset I know of:
    Soft: Press the Reset button under the SD Door with the stylus or remove the battery. Reboots the phone fresh, clearing any apps from runtime memory. Does not lose any data.
    Hard: Press the END Key while pressing the Reset button under the SD Door. This will ask you if you want to Erase all data. This clears any apps downloaded, all contacts, etc in the phones memory, restoring it back to factory condition.
    Bootloader: Press the PTT Button (button on left side under volume buttons) while pressing the Reset button under the SD Door. This is used to reload Firmware from the SD Card into the phone.

    There may be other options I am not aware of.
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    I had been having similar problems. Had my Treo 750 since the day they came out. I have had a few warranty/insurance replacements since. I haven't had an serious issues until a few months ago, when all out the blue, everynow and then while typing a text message or email the little "hourglass" type icon would just popup in the middle of the screen. I don't know why, since I have turned off autocomplete and all that type stuff. and recently my phone was really sluggish. clearing the internet cache helped a little bit, but it is definitely not what it used to be. And I can't figure out a good reason why.

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