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    is there anyway to have my hotmail account checked automatically
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    In POutlook you can specify an interval to check for mail (every 30mins or hour or 2 hours and so on).

    I use the Seven Beta Push app from SEVEN and 5 of my email accounts are pushed to my Pro. Look into it.
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    yeah ill look into but would't you think a phone like this would have that option for all email's not just outlook

    When ever I configure outlook, on the set after I enter my user name and what type of account it is, when I hit next and I am brought to the moible version of hotmail.
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    Hotmail is apparently now a subsidiary of Windows Live
    Set up your email and tell it to check "As messages arrive".

    ...I think.

    I had my account (which is apparently really a hotmail account) set to push and it worked OK. Actually I was pretty happy with it as a free push solution until I found out that my company offers Activesync through Exchange.

    Search this thread for windows live mail push email and I think you will find happiness.
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    Yeah just set your windows live options on your phone, set it to "as items arrive" and your email should arrive within seconds of it being sent. I have my main email forwarded to my live email address and it works out perfectly.

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