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    somehow i must of changed some setting or something but now when i go to press option end to turn my keyguard on it doesn't do anything and also when i first got my phone when my screen saver came on the only way to get back to the main menu screen was to press the center button now i can press any button on my phone excluding the keyboard and the main menu screen will pop up which kind of sucks when you have your phone in your pocket. If you have any thoughts let me know
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    I've had the same problem with my keyguard going bad. When I got the 1st. batch of Treo Pros back in December 2008 I swear my keyguard would hold on 5 seconds before locking, but a replacement I got back in Feb. 2009 didnt do it.

    Now in your case, keyguard not working at all might indicate that you must've installed a 3rd. party software recently. Sometimes the only way around this might be doing a hard-reset with a full backup & make sure that registry values merge, not replace so that the problem doesn't persists.

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