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    When I dial ##778# and view the settings, I see there is an option under viewinfo to look at the phone directory. What is this? There is a place for 10 names and numbers. How do I use that? There is also places for Emergency #1 through Emergency #3. Those are already filled in with 911.
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    Just checked that out and it doesn't give you any access to change them. There is an edit button, but you need an unlock code...any ideas on what the unlock code is?
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    Did you try using your MSL?
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    Type in your MSL and you will be able to edit the values
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    But, what does it do? How do you use the directory?
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    I guess that command only applies to CDMA/Sprint versions of the Treo Pro. I have a GSM/3G version with at&t.
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    And how do I get my MSL?
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