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    I was using my Sprint Treo Pro with Garmin Mobile XT tonight (I believe it's the latest version).
    I can't remember if I've used it before on my Pro - maybe only used it on my old 800w...
    Anyway, for some reason, the screen dimmed, then turned off when it normally does, and when I hit a button to turn it back on, it seemed like it had lost the GPS signal - I am guessing it turned it off. Kinda similar to the WiFi turning off on standby (unless you did that registry edit or installed the cab like I did...)
    Any way to get it to stay on the whole time while it is navigating?
    And not lose the GPS signal?
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    that is intresting, I use the same app and it doesn't even dim or lock the device if I just leave it there. Perhaps there is a option in Garmin. i am using ver 5.00.20
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    actually there is I am looking in the under tools/settings/ then the display heading and there is a backlight override options

    well in my ver I hope this helps
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    Yup I have mine set to override the back light if I have a route programmed in. If it is just displaying the map or anything else, it will shut off the display as use have the phone normally to shut itself off with no activity.

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    Set it to "on when talking" if you are not on the charger. It will dim the backlight but not turn it off. The only way that mine will do what you describe is to push the power button while using XT.

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