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    I have a Treo Pro loaner from Best Buy, while I'm waiting on my Pre to be replaced (long story, check the pre central forum for that one)... and I installed the force roam cab file I found here...

    After the soft reset, I set the phone to roam only, and allowed data roaming (without asking), however all it does is search for service. I know there's Verizon coverage here, because I used to have Verizon (before Sprint; a month or so ago)...

    Did I miss something? Or do something wrong? Sorry for the n00bish question... Help would be appreciated Thanks!
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    Unfortunately I can't answer your questions, but I can tell you I had to download the forced roaming cab twice before I got it to work on my Pro. It's the only thing that makes my phone usable at the office. It's one of the reasons I won't be getting a Pre. There's no Sprint service where I work so I have to be able to force roaming. Oddly Verizon & AT&T works fine there, but not Sprint or T-Mo.

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