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    Will Total Commander open the .reg file?
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    Quote Originally Posted by garlic View Post
    Will Total Commander open the .reg file?
    No. But PHM Registry Editor will, supposedly...
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    Thanks for this , I don't want to get lost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    I'm re-posting this form this earlier thread to gain more visibility.

    QuickGPS, from Qualcomm, is an internet based aGPS system whereby your phone downloads GPS ephemeris data in advanced for 7 days. This is then used to compute your location locally in a much more rapid fasion than standalone or network-assisted aGPS. Basically, on a cold-start you'll get an acquisition of your position within seconds (usually less than 10).

    Thanks to jeremyspencer for originally putting the pieces together & veedubguru at ppcgeeks for re-working the graphics!

    From PPCGeeks/XDA
    1. download attached zip
    2. extract all files
    3. run QuickGPS_VGA_by_SWTOS .cab
    4. reset
    5. run QuickGPS.reg file using Resco Explorer or similar to import
    6. reset
    7. You must have an open internet connection to work!

    File contains: QuickGPS_VGA_by_SWTOS .cab; QuickGPS.reg

    How can I check to see if the install is installed correctly. Specifically I don't know I "imported" the QuickGPS.reg correctly. I am using PHM Reg Edit.
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    Soft reset, then run the program and click the Download button and see if it updates.
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    I just downloaded/installed PHM RegEdit (version 0.70) so I could install this. The "import" option in the PHM RegEdit menu is grayed out, and I found at

    "h t t p://w w"

    a note that the import function is not yet functional.

    Is there another free regedit program, or is there any other way to install this?


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    Not sure about your answer but try (Dinarsoft) MemMaid or Total Comander. I use MemMaid, this does quite a bit.
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    Okay, thanks. I went to

    h ttp://w

    It's a free trial download, and did just what I needed. I'm gonna play with the other features, and maybe I'll go ahead and pay for the full version if I like it.

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    Cool. Your going to find that MemMaid is very handy & something you'll depend on & use almost everyday, I keep it in my Menu. Glad to help.
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    how do i import the QUICKGPS.REG file with resco explorer
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    If you have Resco Explorer's Registry Editor installed, just browse to the file on your phone and select it. Then choose yes to import.
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    how do i find the file .where in the registry is it
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    Have you actually installed the registry editor? In your Programs folder, select Resco Update. There you should see a link to install the registry editor. Once installed, simply click on that .reg file and it'll merge into the registry.
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