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    When I go to bed at night, I plug my Treo Pro in.... but it makes a chirp (if the ringer is on) or a buzz (if vibrate is on). This noise is enough to wake up my significant other.

    Is there any way to disable the chip and/or the buzz?
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    You can download a .cab file to change the registry for this here; the registry settings I found are here.
    Under each, there is a string value called "File". Under the string, just change the sound file from "ChargerConnect.mid" to "ChargerConnect.old" (so you can put back if you want), or just delete. Don't matter.
    Note: a side effect of this trick will be that the vibrate switch won't vibrate when switched anymore; the phone will be in silent/vibrate mode and will vibrate on notifications but you won't feel it when initially switched. No biggy, but GTK.

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