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    So I was all set to buy the Pre last Saturday but thanks to the lies and general crappy service that is Sprint I was not able to (Sprint CS said I was good to go and the store said hell no you aren't)

    That said it appears they may have done me a big favor as the issues that are popping up seems to be pretty big ones. Unfortunately I still have the taste for a new phone.

    I currently have an 800w and it has been pretty stable for me. I have the occasional soft reset (1 or 2 a week) but nothing that has been killing me.

    I have been seeing the STP's for around $220 on the bay new in box with no contract. Should I - is there enough difference or is it a waste of $200.

    Sprint has royaly pissed in my wheaties and I wouldn't mind telling them to take a hike after 11 years

    If I change out my phone my 800 would go to my wife to replace her centro

    Past history
    Me - 650 to 700wx to centro to 800
    Wife 650 to centro
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    Snagged mine off ebay for $178 shipped. This phone is a steal. Lucky for us Palm's hold no value. Grab one and ditch that dated crap 800. Mine has been in a drawer since I picked up the Pro. It is worth it.
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    other than case what is the difference. same O/S and basically the same hardware no?

    I like the looks though not sure I like the keyboard (haven't actually held one)
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    I've used both as well... sent the treo 800 back to sprint...

    Treo Pro has one major (potential issue), missing calls. I've not been able to replicate the missing calls so far (not as it being an issue, my other windows phones would also go to voicemail if I were heavily using text messages... but I've not had reports of calls going to voicemail), but many state that if the phone is in 1x and pushing data, it will not allow incoming calls.

    The keyboard feels "okay" and I also use a BB all day... keyboard is a bit smaller on the Treo Pro, but more space than a centro. I'm not wild about the keyboard on the treo pro, but I'd not complain about it either... and I do a lot of txt'ing. Yes, I'm neutral on the kb... but I think that is a matter of tastes and how you use the phone.

    If you want most of the +, -, and other comparisons, this is the thread:
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    Thanks - will look further into the missing calls. I am rarley in a 1x area but I am from time to time. From what I can tell it does a truly stand alone GPS which would be nice. Recently ran into that issue with my 800. Didn't have a data signal and thus no GPS. Drove around for 30+ minutes trying to find my way out.

    Guess I need to go play with one.

    Thanks guys
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    I've had my treo pro (refurb off ebay) for about 4 weeks. I can type pretty fast on the keyboard now, and I like the compact look and the keys are nice to type on.

    I don't use the tips of my fingers or nails, I just hit the keys with the flat bit of my thumbs and i don't get many typos.
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    I, too, loved my 800 but got the Pro, mainly due to the fact that my upgrade discount somehow advanced by six months, and I love to change phone when I can. The Pro is very nice. I don't run into low memory issues, and the battery life is much better than the 800, but I wouldn't say stellar. Still, it's pretty good for a WinMo phone. The keyboard, while not nearly as nice as the 800's, was not difficult to get used to, and the lack of physical soft keys was not as much of a liability as I had thought it might be. All in all, the TPro is a very nice upgrade to the 800w, and I am glad I went with that rather than waiting for the Pre.

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