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    I've tried a google search for this, but I don't think I'm using the right key words... to make the long story short, someone spilled some tequila on my Pro's keyboard and now one of the button on my keyboard is stuck and keeps repeating itself. What can I do to fix this? Should I "accidently" spill a little water on the problem key and set dry with the battery out? Or should I use 91% alcohol? Does anyone have experience dealing with dried up tequila? Thanks!

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    no experience with tequila on phones, but with water you're supposed to:

    1) immediately remove the battery
    2) let dry 12-24 hours
    3) hopefully all should be good after that

    i've gotten loads of water onto/into 700wx's, and this method has always saved my's tough to be patient with the drying - i can say that i've cheated before and used canned air to speed the process. (do NOT use an air compressor, it will have moisture in it - canned air will not)
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    See here's the thing, I've had beer, whiskey, water in my phones before and I take the battery out and let it dry. But it's been over a week, and the phone is still acting up. I'm wondering if there's something in the tequila that hardens after drying up yet still conducts electricity causing my keyboard to act up. If this is the case, then I'm thinking about using some water on the keyboard with the battery out, and then leaving it in a bag of rice to dry. But I don't know if anyone's ever tried this.
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    How about soaking it in 90 rubbing alcohol?
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    I thought about using 90% rubbing alcohol but am queasy about it. has anyone tried it or has experience in this sort of thing?
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    Tequila (as do all liqours) have a lot of sugar in them. Once the alcohol evaporates it leaves the sugars behind. You will need to disassemble the case and wash down the kb/mother board with some plastic safe contact cleaner. Use a soft brush to clean the contacts. Do not get the cleaner on the screen as it will still most likely mar the screen.

    Let it dry (does so quickly) and then reassemble.
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    So the sugar must be conductive material left in my keyboard. I don't want to take apart the phone by myself for fear of the warranty, unless there is some way to keep that annoyingly small sticker in one piece. Is there an alternative? Like taking the keyboard for a swim in 90% alcohol or water?
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    try it - it may improve (use the alcohol)

    that said tequila in the phone pretty much voids the warranty so the choice is a non-usable phone with a voided warranty or a usable phone with a voided warranty
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    Thanks for the input. I think I'll go try the alcohol (rubbing, not tequila).

    On another note, if I want to refurbish my phone with Palm in the future, will they allow it if my phone has been taken apart by myself?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Excoriar View Post
    On another note, if I want to refurbish my phone with Palm in the future, will they allow it if my phone has been taken apart by myself?
    If the water damage indicators have already been tripped your warranty is already void. I don't have a Treo Pro, but perhaps someone with a Treo Pro can tell you where they are in that device. I'm sure there is probably one on the battery and likely another on the device possibly near where the battery would sit. They are usually little red-ish pieces of tape and once they are touched by water they change to indicate water damage.
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    The warranty is voided already

    at this point you have nothing to loose to try an fix it right yourself or find someone close to do it for you.

    I have not had a pro in my hands but have pulled apart many a phone to repair them or piece multiple phones together to make one good one. it is not that tough. need a few cheap specialized tools and you are ready
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    Not that it matters for this case, but in case anyone is still wondering. Usually these devices have indicators inside to indicate if they were taken apart. Small pieces of tape placed in areas that they will have to be broken or removed to open it up. So if the manufacturer checks, yes they may notice it was opened and void the warranty off that. Unless you can put the pieces of tape back just right.

    Also, in the various items listed when you check values in whatever ## codes the Treo Pro has, there might be a software based "device opened" value. I don't know for sure, but I "thought" I saw something of that sort on my Touch Pro once.

    I do know the Touch Pro has tape in various internal places, based off pics others have posted when they opened theirs up.
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    You need contact cleaner or CRC Electra clean. Head over to Radio Shack they should have it. Our company has pallets of both but we sell to vessels. I doubt rubbing alcohol will work but since its cheap give it a try.
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    also (try too after cleaning it with whatever u use) place your phone into a bag of rice, it helps sucking the moisture out.
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    90% rubbing alcohol would work - electrical cleaner is much better as it leaves no residue but either way the phone must come apart to really fix it.

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