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    To try to make a long story short, I was having troubles backing up my phone using Sprite Backup. I downloaded Resco Backup and made a complete backup to my memory card. I did a hard reset on my phone and then launched Resco from the card. Whether I try to do a full restore or partial, the program freezes at the "Stopping applications" step. I now have a phone I can't seem to restore. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'll be happy to give more details if needed.
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    I started with Resco Backup and I believe you gotta disable the option for stopping applications. I ended up with SPB Backup for the 800W and it worked really well without a problem.

    When I went with the Touch pro, SPB Backup had the same problems as Resco Backup and I ended up with Sprite Backup - paid release - it worked really well. Good luck.
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    Never even saw that option until I realized I didn't have the newest version on my phone. After upgrading (which seems odd since I just first downloaded the program yesterday, unless the new version came out that quick) I was able to do the full restore.

    Now I'm back to my original problem that caused me to do the hard reset/restore in the first place. I'll save that for another post.
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    That's the problem with a restore - you get the problems that were there at that time, whether they were apparent or not.

    I have a Touch Pro and recently experienced email problems - many of them were causing the device to hang up. I did an uninstall/reinstall of Flexmail - same problem. Did a hard reset and reinstall from a much earlier backup and the same problem. Executed a hard reset and manually installed everything - working like a champ.
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    I flash ROMs on my Touch Pro often, so Hard resets are like an every few days routine. But something I use would help you guys a bit. Try getting used to using Sashimi. You can use it to get your programs installed, registered and configured pretty fast once you're good with it. And then all you need to do is restore your PIM data via an ActiveSync with Outlook and you're set. I'm usually the way I like things in under an hour, but the Sashimi part takes less than 10 minutes. (Keep in mind, I'm doing a full setup of every single thing after a hard reset.) I spend more time just making minor personal adjustments and setting up my BT devices than installing programs and restoring PIM data. Sashimi can't do stuff like BT configurations and WiFi logons, that's the kind of stuff that takes me time to do manually. But if you need to get up and running fresh (as in not from a backup) and fast with all your programs after a hard reset, Sashimi is the best way to go .

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