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    Hi all, I've been reading through all the posts here and just wanted to confirm a few things. I have a 700w with a "cooked" 6.1 firmware and I use it to tether my OSX laptop to the phone via BT. Using BT PAN works like junk (OSX bug) but if I configure it to use the phone as a BT modem it works like a champ.

    I have the old SERO500 plan without a tethering add-on. I use less than 500mb a month total, so buying an expensive PAM plan would be a terrible option for me.

    I'd like to buy a Treo Pro and do the same thing. I'm OK buying WMWiFiRouter if I have to, but I'd like to keep non-PAN BT tethering if I can because it should extend my battery life (probably buy WMWiFiRouter anyways to tether my iPod touch for some games). Can anyone tell me if the BT phone as a modem setup in OSX setup will work with the Pro like it does with my cooked 700w (and if I will be able to use my modest amount of data "under the radar" still)?

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    I can't tell you for sure but I can tell you that the same hack enables (free) tethering and it works fine on Windows.
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