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    I realized that I normally send text and picture messages to about half of my contact list. But what I found there is no recent recipients list or a select multiple boxes. I am just wondering if there is an easy way to add the contacts to picture or text messages. Maybe a group or some type of folder?
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    There are multiple pieces of software that do this. I use one called PowerSMS from Trinket software. It's normally 10 bucks but you can get PowerSMS and Twikini (awesome twitter program) for 5 bucks total! I don't work with them btw, just a happy customer. There is another one I haven't used on Handango called Group SMS. It looks like an excellent one, it just costs 22 bucks. There is a freeware GroupSMS but I couldn't get it to work on the Treo Pro. I used it to use it on my old handheld and it was excellent too.
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    thanks I i will look into these. Also looking for other ideas as well.
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    You can use vjphone tools to set up shortcuts for group SMS:
    Vijay555 - VJPhoneTools

    Enter your numbers or address with a semi-colon to separate and it will fire it off.

    Or you could just do it the easiest way:

    Make a shortcut to Windows/tmail.exe
    Add parameters to the shortcut:
    "Windows\tmail.exe" -service "SMS" -to "5556767; 5559053; 5552358; 8675301" -body "Jenny, I lost your number...."


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