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    Has anyone used the sprint updater to flash a custom rom to the Treo Pro? I was able to successfully dump, and build a 6.5 rom using the ruu_signed.nbh. I just don't have a Treo Pro to try to flash it. Right now I'm trying to decide if I'm going to purchase a Treo Pro, or a Touch Pro to replace my dead 700wx. If I can't flash a custom rom to the Treo Pro, I won't purchase one.
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    I tried to kick up the PagePool to 16 (from the stock 6) using a PagePool changer from the HTC Touch Pro threads. I've done it a bunch of times on my Touch Pro without incident. The PagePool changer did work and confirmed the change was made but when i tried to flash the Palm Pro with the 'new' 1.04 firmware it erroror out at about 38% saying the rom was corrupt. Luckily no harm done as i simply reflashed the stock rom but I was ever sooooo close!
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    Until there is a modified SPL out there we won't be able to flash custom roms to the Treo Pro. The SPL does a check on the carrier id included in your ROM and verifies the signatures for your ROM (which includes a checksum).
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    Guess I'll get the touch pro then...

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