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    I was curious if anyone knows how to decrease the "In Call" volume range on the Treo Pro. I've got the In Call volume on the floor and it's still too loud for comfort both with the handset and using headphones. I was curious if there were any registry tweaks that could change the overall volume range.

    I've search quite a bit today for a Windows Mobile 6.1 registry tweak to achieve this but haven't turned up anything.

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    BTAudioCall 9(0X000009)
    CarKitCall 2576941056(0X99990000)
    HeadphoneCall 2576941056(0X99990000)
    HeadsetCall 2576941056(0X99990000)
    Key 65536(0X010000)
    ManagePageSettings 01 00 00 00 04 00 00 01 02 03 00 00 F6 FF CE FF EF FF EF FF 00 00 00 00
    Mute 7(0X000007)
    ReceiverCall 2576941056(0X99990000)
    Ringer 3(0x000003)
    Screen 65536(0X010000)
    SpeakerCall 2576941056(0X99990000)
    System 2576920377(0X99999999)
    Volume 2576920377(0X99999999)

    BTAudioCall is the "In Call" volume slider when using bluetooth (assumed and unconfirmed)
    CarKitCall is the "In Call" volume slider when using a car kit (assumed and unconfirmed)
    HeadphoneCall is the "In Call" volume slider when using ??? (assumed and unconfirmed)
    HeadsetCall is the "In Call" volume slider when using a headset
    Key is the on/off and soft/loud volume for hardware button noises
    ManagePageSettings is ???
    Mute is ???
    ReceiverCall is the "In Call" volume slider when using the handset
    Ringer is the volume slider for the ringer
    Screen is the on/off and soft/loud volume for screen tap noises
    SpeakerCall is the "In Call" volume slider when using the speaker phone
    System is the volume slider for system (notifications, alerts, reminders, music...)
    Volume is ???

    Slider values for HeadsetCall, ReceiverCall and SpeakerCall are:
    +5 = 4294901760(0XFFFF0000)
    +4 = 3435921408(0XCCCC0000)
    +3 = 2576941056(0X99990000)
    +2 = 1717960704(0X66660000)
    +1 = 858980352(0X33330000)
    +0 = 0(00000000)

    Slider values for Ringer are:
    +5 = 5(0X000005)
    +4 = 4(0X000004)
    +3 = 3(0X000003)
    +2 = 2(0X000002)
    +1 = 1(0X000001)
    +0 = 0(00000000)

    Slider values for System are:
    +5 = 4294967295(0xFFFFFFFF)
    +4 = 3435973839(0xCCCCCCCC)
    +3 = 2576920377(0X99999999)
    +2 = 1717986918(0X66666666)
    +1 = 858993459(0X33333333)
    +0 = 0(00000000)

    Settings for Key and Screen taps are:
    disabled = 0(00000000)
    soft = 1(0X000001)
    loud = 65538(0X010002)

    Nothing all that interesting in this registry key as far as I can tell. I tweaked the Volume value but didn't notice any change. Anyone else have ideas?

    Another key that I am would like to look into is HKCU/ControlPanel/SoundCatagories since that is where the attenuation is set but I must quit for now.
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    Better to be too loud than too low...

    But with the SRSWow edit you can decrease the output gain so that might help you
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    Thanks for your insight MedicWill! I did download SRS WOW. I had trouble with the SRS.WOW.HD.v1.28.5.0.ENG. from xda developers but I did get the WOWHD121.CAB from treocentral to work.

    I've tried a couple of settings and from what I can tell, this program enhances the sound from the speaker and headphones. I don't believe that it has any effect on the in call audio. Some of the settings do seem to make music louder and quieter but there are no direct controls over volume or gain. The gain setting that you referred to only applies to the applications TruBass enhancement.
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    have you had any more luck with reducing the in call volume? mine is doing the same thing and it makes a faint static noise like what you hear when your stereo speakers are turned up with no music playing. Thanks!
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    spaluch, I haven't had any luck reducing the call volume. I found no registry tweaks that would lower the in call volume lower than the slider does out of the box.

    I finally made my way to the Sprint store and the replaced my loud Treo Pro with another and unfortunately it is just as loud. They told me they could do nothing more and that I need to call Sprint customer service. Sprint customer service told me they could do noting more and that I need to go to a Sprint Store. *frustrated*

    I may have to buy a new phone so that I can make calls comfortably.
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    Berd, I saw that post before but didn't follow through because it was about making the phone louder not quieter. Now that I see what is inside that AudioPara3 file, I might be able to tweak this thing yet.

    I did go to a corporate Sprint Store today and they also told me nothing can be done. They recommended that I use a bluetooth headset. I'd much rather user my stereo wired headset. Anyways while I was there I called 1800-GOOG-411 from some of the other phones and they were just as loud but had a more comfortable tone. I now suspect that my problem with the TP earpiece is a combination of the volume and tone.

    I'm going to see what I can find about the AudioPara3 file. If anyone has resources regrading the parameters in this file, I'd greatly appreciate them.
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    It took me a while to decode the AudioPara3.csv file. But after much hacking away at it I managed to get my in call volumes to an acceptable level. Thank you Berd for the tip!

    For me there were two areas of concern the handset volume, known as PHONE_EARCUPLE_VOL in the file, and the headset volume, known as PHONE_HEADSET_VOL in the file. Eave of these volumes has 6 rows, one for each step in the volume slider. In total I modified 12 rows in my file.

    There are many values for each row in this file, it's a playground of configurable options but if you don't know what hex and csv are then I suggest you not attempting to editing it. The two values that I found to lower in in call volume are codecRxGain and rxVolume. These values are in hex. After much experimentation, with both my original file and the file Berd has provided, I found that reducing the original codecRxGain value for all twelve rows to be very comfortable for me. After cutting the gain in half my head set was still a little loud for my taste, (it's the inner ear type), so I also halved the rxVolume values for the 6 PHONE_HEADSET_VOL rows.

    I do want to note that I first used Excel 2000 to edit this csv and it mangled the values by interpreting them. I used a text editor and found it very difficult but reliable.

    There was very little information about the contents of the AudioPara3.csv file out there so I hope that this information is handy for anyone looking to tweak there volume levels. Again, thanks Berd, for getting me looking in the right place.

    I almost forgot to mention that on the Treo Pro there were two sets of volume control rows, those with headers of B0 to C12 and anther set with headers of F0 to F35. The rows B0 to C12 seemed to have no affect. My final changes were made in the F0 to F35 set.
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