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    Does anyone else have a problem in gmail where, if you try to scroll down, it jumps right back up to the top?
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    Quote Originally Posted by decalex View Post
    Does anyone else have a problem in gmail where, if you try to scroll down, it jumps right back up to the top?
    Yep. Happens to me in Firefox's sidebar and in Opera too. It's something to do with special coding for the iPhone I imagine. Nothing you can do.
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    Have the STP. USing Opera 9.7 beta 1. For me, it is working out very good. It is a lot faster than the old version, and the page zoom and scrolling is very impressive, since the last time I tried Opera on my 700wx. I may get shot for saying this, but I think Opera 9.7 beta is better than even the Palm Pre's default browser. Even on the resistive screen of the Palm Treo Pro, it just seems easier to use, smoother, and more responsive in my opinion. Skyfire seems to work slower than Opera 7, but can do flash, and Iris is pretty fast and responsive, too. Opera mini, of course, is the fastest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    Been using it for a few days now.

    It does some things well, but one issue is the memory requirement--it's huge. On a STP, it can tax the low amount of RAM and cause some hangups/crashes here and there.

    For that reason I still prefer Skyfire.
    I actually think it is does a great job of handling memory. A lot better than previous versions, at least.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MRTRIPOD View Post
    how do I get opera mobile to go to the ACTUAL web page instead of the mobile versions?

    I type and it goes to

    This is very annoying and I'm surprised no one else has complained about it besides us.
    Something very strange must be going on because I feel like I'm the only one on the planet that just doesn't get it with this new version. I'd say it's barely a notch above horrible! I've tried 9.7 on a Touch Diamond, Touch Diamond 2 and a GSM Treo Pro and have had the same bad results.
    The pages render very slowly even on wifi. It looks bad on VGA. It freezes all of my devices. I'm searching hard to try to find a version of 9.5 to replace this version.
    I keep reading how everyone loves this new version but, for the life of me, I can't figure out why. I wonder if I have another software on my device causing a conflict because I've tried 9.7 at least 3 times on 3 different devices and I uninstall it almost immediately each time because it's such a step backwards...IMHO
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    Has anyone had memory issues with this version?
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