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    1. It seems that every time I hit reply to an SMS notification, the first character I type is dropped.

    2. When in a call, the volume rocker doesn't seem to work.

    Any ideas??

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    1. I get the same issue. My solution, wait 2-3 seconds before I type.

    2. Mine works fine.
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    I thought it was just me at least I'm not crazy but why sms and not all the time
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    1.same there...most of the time

    a..tap the box for cursor to appear
    b..tap down on d-pad for cursor to appear
    c..wait 2-3 secs____ VibrantRedGT

    2.hasnt notice it
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    Quote Originally Posted by gksmithlcw View Post
    1. It seems that every time I hit reply to an SMS notification, the first character I type is dropped.
    Yup, very frustraiting and many have noted it.

    One solution, besides waiting, is to use the Palm threaded SMS from the 800w. That app doesn't have this "feature", lol.

    Downside is you loose the whole Arcsoft MMS program as the Palm threaded app doesn't play to well with MMS. Plus is you gain pictureID for incoming messages, emoticons and (imo) a nicer interface.

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