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    Haven't dropped the phone or damaged in any way but the touch screen function isn't working any longer.

    Any idea's?


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    Make sure nothing is stuck between the casing and the touch screen around the edges of the screen.... Dirt and debris can get caught there and cause the screen to think it is being pressed.
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    On occasion my touchscreen stops responding to touch. Not sure what causes that, but I just reset it by removing the battery. Sometimes I have to do this a couple of times before it corrects the problem.
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    sometimes i drop my phone but it usually doesnt effect the screen. its very annoying but to solve any problems just pull the battery out and put it back in
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    This happens to me every so often. I reset by pulling the battery and then when the device reboots, I re-run the touch-screen calibration app and then all is OK (for a while anyhow).

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