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    I assume most know about Microsoft's new "Google killer" called Bing. According to the Bing website, Bing is available on mobile devices at I went there using IE Explorer on my Treo 800W and the site comes up in Spanish. I have no idea why. I have tried clearing the memory and history and restarting the Treo, but I only get Bing in spanish. Any one else try it and have success? Any thoughts?

    Tried in Skyfire, and it was in English.

    Not that I must have use of Bing - just really curious as to why this is happening. FWIW, I am using Sprint and am in Connecticut, USA!
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    For me the Google page comes up in Spanish
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    you need to go to IE then menu, tools, options, memory then clear history and then delete files

    then go to menu, tools, options, security and clear cookies

    that's it.

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