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    I was planning on making the jump. Then I started thinking about how much I love the Pro- I really do. Back and forth until it was confirmed that my current grandfathered plan was not going to work with the Pre.

    Deal breaker. Phones go in and out of style, killer rate plans don't.

    So- how many are jumping ship? Hannip, Zbop, Cody, Mal- are you guys sticking around?
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    why isn't your sero plan compatable with a pre i pressume
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    I am not on Sero- but the idea is the same. I have a great plan that went extinct years ago.

    Sprint is requiring a current "everything data plan" with the Pre. The new Sero vrsion of that plan is $60. $70 for everyone else.

    Pre would cost me $50/mo more and my overage minutes would go from $0.05 to $.45.

    I can convince myself that just about anything makes sense- but not this.I have also read that the these plans are coded as is the Pre- so it is nearly impossible to activate a Pre on a legacy plan. (you can't convince an ***** csr to do it)
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    I'm jumping ship I recently got the pro but I'm an addict oh and I get it for 199 no mail in rebate required
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean-Troy View Post
    I'm jumping ship I recently got the pro but I'm an addict oh and I get it for 199 no mail in rebate required
    I hear you- I consider myself an addict as well. I would probably pay $1000 for the Pre- but I won't give up my plan.

    I guess this is a support thread as well for other "addicts" in the same boat as me!
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    I have the plan for the Pre but an untested OS, zero apps and lots of hype don't get me excited on day 1 anymore (thanks to the 800). I am not eligibile for an upgrade and also don't want to renew my contract. Mu boss may buy me the iPhone 3.0 in July. I'm sticking with the Treo Pro.
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    Still on the fence.
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    The Pro is a really nice phone. I really like it.

    I am going to watch what happens with the Pre. If it turns out as great as I think it will, I'll wait for for an unlocked GSM version.
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    I plan on getting a Pre for my other line and keeping my Pro. I don't know if it will be Saturday or not. I certainly am not waiting in a line to buy one.
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    I like the look of the Pre and my wife is going to get one so I'll be able to play with it but the Pro will remain my device for the time being.
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    I am moving my STP to another line, and getting a pre for my Everything line. Will see how it works , sell the pre if i don't like it?
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    I am with my Pro and can't upgrade right now anyway.
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    I'm tempted, seriously tempted...

    But I think I'll skip the launch, grab some popcorn and simply watch the drama unfold instead.

    Like Les, I'm not too keen to give up my current plan. And since my phone is my "anything, anytime, anywhere" device, I'd have to compromise until the apps are there. For me, a converged device is only as good as the apps available, even if it's running tired ole WinMo. I see a Pre in my future, just not Saturday.

    If no one starts hacking the device immediately, I may take one for the team and work on getting native apps on it. We'll see.
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    Here's some food for thought based on Palm's history:

    Early adopters are ALWAYS the beta testers. It takes a good 6-8 months before things are fixed by Palm/Carrier on a new device. Same was true for the iPhone.

    My suggestion: Be patient and content with what you have and let the kinks work out with the ones who HAVE to have it first, and then in Dec/Jan, take a 2nd look at it. I just bought my Pro and have no interest in the Pre; my Pro is functional for what I need. I don't need to jump ship just because something seemingly better has come out. That's not wise for anything in life.

    Just some thoughts.
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    I'm sticking with the Pro...if it doesn't run Windows Mobile, I'm not interested.

    Besides, the Pre's hardware seems to be of not very good quality based on some reviews I've read. Made in China like the 680, Centro, and 800w...
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    I'm opting out of the "beta tester" program on this one. I'll hang onto my pro for another 6-12 months.
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    I am back and forth on the Pre. I REALLY wanted one, but I picked up a Pro after the Centro died. There are a few things that bother me about the Pro, but they don't make it unusable, and it does what I need it to do. There are too many "No's" when talking about what the Pre can/can't do. As of right now, the Pre doesn't work for the things I need it to, period, and they haven't released the SDK for third party programs with the exception of certain companies. Having to pay to edit documents is a huge turn off as well, and I think a sign of things to come with WebOS.

    Anyway, I am holding out for awhile until the Pre gets updates/programs and starts doing the things I need it to do. Until than, I will happily be using my Pro
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    Due to the way I work, I'll have to keep the pro... but I will pickup a pre soon anyway, if reviews are okay.

    So far the reviews are okay so I remain hopeful.

    I'll need a couple of apps to make the pre useful, but I'm sure those will be launched within six months or so.

    In addition, I'll need to see a larger battery for the pre, but again, I'm sure sedio or someone else will introduce one of those soon.

    The total package for the pro is impressive... palm messed up when it launched the 800 instead of the pro.
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    I am sticking with my Pro as well. The Pre sounds nice, but the deal breaker for me is changing my plan. I have 4 lines on account with almost every perk and feature possible and still only pay $150 per month. So, I don't see myself getting rid of it anytime soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mjolnir View Post
    I'm opting out of the "beta tester" program on this one. I'll hang onto my pro for another 6-12 months.
    Exactly. I have done the Tero 300 -> 600 -> 650 -> 700 -> to Pro, but I am getting off this ride for now. The Pro works great, does what I need, and I prefer to stick with Windows Mobile for a while to see what happens.
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