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    For those jumping ship, please let us know if Sprint requires you to upgrade to Simply Everything to get this phone.

    I don't know if I'm jumping ship to the Pre, but I'm already looking forward to replacing the Pro.
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    Definitely not jumping on the pre, because:

    1) I'm not a big fan of beta-testing;
    2) The Treo Pro does every thing I need really well;
    3) The pre is on Sprint...ouch!

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    I would love to try the Pre if it had PAM, i heard it doesn't. Also I pay around $120 a month on a old plan, with 3 lines. 2000 anytime, unlimited texting, nights & weekends 7pm. I can't give up this plan for the Pre.
    Fortunately for me the other two users don't care about phones. When something new comes out i like, I get it & hand my old phone to one of the others on my plan. Right now ones has an 800W, and the other a 755P. The 650, and the 600 have long done fallen apart.
    If they ever sell the Pre without having to go to an everything plan, I may bite the bullet and go without the PAM. For now.... No way! (I hope, I am so weak)
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    I am staying with the
    pro......I'll see what happens with the Pre but I'm a bit skeptical and I may in fact to leave Sprint for T Mobile or another carrier......There has been so much hype re the Pre that it makes me nervous....Ive also been reading about other HTC phones that are just out now and they seem pretty awesome too.....For now the Pro is working well for me
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    See my Siggy
    Just call me Berd.
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    Pro because it is still the only Phone on Sprint that is cheap and does what a smartphone should do ( in my opinion):
    front-facing keyboard
    good battery life

    If Sprint had a touchscreen large one (iphone clone) I might switch for that, but that's it. (I might relent on the software keyboard, but I doubt it).
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    Im not ready to dump my palm pro yet...Ill wait until around Oct.09 for an free upgrade to the Palm Pre...Im till enjoying my Palm Pro technically...I brought it at full retail to save myself from renewing...My personal store rep was off that day...the new guy I dealt w/ didnt tell me that the Palm Pre was on the launch pad...

    So I will wait till Oct. for my Pre and I aint mad..!O!
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    I just played with a dummy unit at BB.

    Damn, the Pre is tiny. Like smaller than I expected and I would have preferred it to be larger. KB is reminiscent of the Centro's but with the "smile".

    don't wanna judge completely on that experience but I wasn't blown away yet either; of course theOS is probably the bigger deal, so...
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    sticking with the Pro.

    no windows mobile = no thanks.
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    Staying Pro. I was with Palm for over 10 years. Paid for a lot of programs. Made the switch to WM(Touch Pro then to Treo Pro) end of last year and spent a lot of time to find replacements to many of my favorite Palm programs.
    Will stay Pro for these reasons:

    1. Pre can't replace the programs I use...yet. Plus not ready to spend more money on programs that I just had to replace for WM OS
    2. Not ready to give up my SERO plan
    3. Let others work out the kinks
    4. Just love the look and feel of the Pro
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    I've been following the pre for a really long time and just today I learned I would have to change my plan to get it.... so now I am looking for alternatives. I thinking I might just get the treo pro. I've been using winmo for a while now and am very used to it so it might not be that bad.
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    I have no choice but to stick with my Treo Pro until the GSM Pre is released. The only thing I will miss on the TP is Skype but it's not a big deal.
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    Well, today is day 30 for me to change my PRO for a Pre, Sprint let me upgrade early since I had so many 755 issues, with the last straw being a brand new out of the box phone that froze completely after less than 24 hours. I'm still not fully enamored with WM, having been a Palm OS girl for years, but it's growing on me to a degree. I had to make some modifications to my Vista 64 bit desktop computer to use WM, but luckily I was able to maneuver around and go back to Office 03, which had Outlook, so I didn't have to buy a copy of Outlook 07. THe real deal breaker though was being told that I would have to give up my ancient $5 data plan and go with the everything plan (we're on a family plan with 700 shared, 100 bonus, family text, etc. base plan runs $69.99/month, with all our add ons and tax right at $160. Having two teens, texting is a lot more important than minutes so we never go over thanks to 7PM nights. Plus, as others mentioned, I don't want to be a beta tester!
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    I just recently got my pro and this employee plan so I guess I am staying until forever?
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    Lets see version 1.0 of a brand new os for mobile phones. Yea I don't think so. Its sounds cool the hardware looks pretty good, but I DEPEND on my phone to much to play around.

    Maybe the next Palm Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sansnil View Post
    Definitely not jumping on the pre, because:

    1) I'm not a big fan of beta-testing;
    2) The Treo Pro does every thing I need really well;
    3) The pre is on Sprint...ouch!

    I agree with you.. Plus too bad its only on sprint because after the way sprint did me with the problems w/my 800.. forget it.. I just went and picked up my own Pro and in a few months I'm taking all 4 of my lines and jumping ship.
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    Though I do not have the Treo Pro (have the Touch Pro), the answer for me would be no - the lack of similar applications I use.
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    Got the Pro unlocked, keeping it that way. Even IF there is an unlocked Pre, I am not sure for the following reasons:

    1. WebOS is nice, but honestly the Pre lacks things, like expansion slot.
    2. No GSM WebOS device, yet.
    3. Local syncing. Pre needs EAS. prefer local sync.
    4. Redfly. I have one, I use it at work. This is a deal breaker for me. If they make it compatible, then maybe. otherwise, it's the Pro for me.
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    I'm a diehard. I like my stylus and my sd card. The only other phone that has caught my attention is the HTC Touch Pro 2. I'll look at that one when available.
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    Guys, I love my Pro and I really don't think the Pre is ready for primetime, but...

    They managed to get a console with root shell access last night and already started modifying some of the standard WebOS code, this thing is going to be a dream to customize.

    I may have to pick one up just to satisfy my hacker lust.

    Must... resist... urge.... aaayyyyeee
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