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    I've had my STP for a couple of months now and I am noticing that the keyboard buttons are beginning to change color.

    They started out pure black and white, but I've noticed over time that the white is changing to dark brownish purple. It started with the 'p' key which is by now almost completely unreadable accept in a dark room with the back light on. The color change is spreading to the other keys from right to left. I just noted a purplish tint to the background of the numeric keys.

    On the face this is just a cosmetic issue. But, I am concerned that this may actually be a change in the plastic color caused by long term overheating. In that case it would indicate a potentially serious issue with the hardware.

    Has any one else noticed this? Any advice?
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    You can try going through your wireless carrier or Palm for a replacement. Here is a little heads up: The issue seems a like a "wear and tear" issue but it can be considered an out of warranty problem. So there may be a struggle, depending, to avoid fees.

    I wish you the best of luck but Palm or Sprint should be able to replace your device.
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    Since you said you've used it for a few months, the device was made before April. Devices manufactured before April are no good. They are either flagged for no warranty if they came with 1.03, or have the sticky keyboard. I would request a replacement regardless, and this would be a good excuse.

    However, going back to the issue. I have a friend whose Centro's keyboard is also discolored (to yellow however). In his case, it's probably the clear rubber getting dirty and not transparent anymore. Have you tried cleaning your keys with some rubbing alcohol?
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